About FMP360

The New Standard in Mobile Workforce Management

Exceptional design and functionality help FMP360 outperform other mobile workforce solutions by delivering best-in-class features and functionality, including:

  • 100% standard software
  • automatic releases to all customers
  • one solution for all mobile devices
  • multiple workflows within one app
  • smart app architecture that allows implementation of multiple business processes within one application
  • a data management engine that is GIS and ERP data agnostic, supporting industry standards as well as customer-specific data models
  • easy deployment from our cloud environment and, upon request, simple installation at your data center
  • single sign-on architecture easily accessible to users at the office and in the field
  • modular structure that allows customers to increase functionality without onerous software coding

Full Mobile Intelligence, Online or Offline

FMP360 offers all the mid-office functionality that’s necessary to manage a field crew efficiently. The data exchange with mobile devices is designed to support online/offline mode as well as geo-fencing, even allowing you to configure filters to optimize data availability in areas with poor reception. The robust communication engine operates with large datasets and supports full, two-way data traffic from back office to client and client to back office.
Using a database instead of caching, FMP360 imposes no storage limit on the data available offline. Offline data is also protected by encryption. As soon as a signal is restored, all work is automatically sent to the back-office system without manual interaction.

Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices, field workers using a wide range of internet-capable devices execute and document their work orders. Whenever a truck rolls, the crew is equipped with the information they need to successfully complete work at each location – even when no network communications are available.

Mobile Application Guides Field Workers

The FMP360 mobile application is designed for laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. Field workers start a job from the agenda and the configured workflow guides them through the work process. All the information collected is sent to your back-office system automatically.

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