The Lego Experience: Standardization and Flexibility Hand in Hand


In the world of field mobility, we hear the term flexibility on a daily basis. As the dictionary defines the term, flexibility is:

The ability to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions; ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances.

Companies need to be flexible because change is inevitable. With the wide range of procedures, business processes and workflows that continually need updating, many companies struggle to adapt their business processes in response to an ever-changing operating environment.

Precisely how to adapt to changing circumstances in order to stay ahead of the curve depends on a number of internal and external factors. Regardless of whether you’re in construction, utility maintenance and repair, or transportation and logistics, you need control over how you structure your systems and processes in your quest to deliver the best possible products and services to your customers.

And this is where most field mobility solutions fall short.

Can You Change Field Service Processes Overnight?

Field service operations of all sizes and all types use one or a combination of systems to manage their workflows. Adapting their systems and processes to enhance performance of work crews can be costly in terms of time devoted and money spent to enact change. Custom coding these updates can be an exhausting, expensive process that diverts resources as legacy applications are created.

Most companies struggle to adapt and reconfigure their business processes when they want to improve outcomes, because complex IT solutions and a lack of in-depth knowledge of these solutions make it difficult to change processes on their own. Some organizations rely on product consultants to implement these changes, but they may not always be readily available. This consultant-based way of changing business processes can slow down the business cycle and can result in higher costs to make changes.

What We Can Learn from These Colorful Little Blocks

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With FMP360 and the unique FMP Design toolset, companies can take a Lego-like approach in designing their mobile processes themselves, ensuring they have the flexibility to make necessary changes within hours – not days.

 Plaatje workflow designer

Just as easily as you can build and rebuild with colorful little Lego blocks, FMP360 lets you configure and reconfigure mobile processes! Lego is the solution for kids who want to build and rebuild structures; FMP360 is the solution for field service operations that need mobile process flexibility.

Take the Lego-Like DYO (Design Your Own) Approach

Gomocha understands the challenges inherent in field service operations. Our Lego-like solution provides a standard set of building blocks that allow you to configure and reconfigure your processes in response to your changing needs.

With our unique FMP360 Workflow Designer, for example, you can create multiple workflows yourself, without having to be an experienced software programmer. The FMP360 Workflow Designer is uniquely tailored for field mobility. Standard workflow templates are available for different application areas: installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and delivery. Additional workflows can also be created, and templates can be fully customized so they seamlessly fit into the different work processes executed by your field force.

The best part is that an unlimited number of workflows can be created, changed, and deployed in your test environment. FMP360 can easily and quickly be adapted to your ever-changing business and work processes. Make changes in hours, not days!

But we don’t limit you to make changes using only the huge amount of functionality within the FMP360 platform. No, we also give you a design tool where you get the capability to add new fields within your mobile processes to optimize them, without waiting until your ERP product consultant is available to get this information delivered to your internal organization. We are sure you’ve never experienced such an easy-to-use toolset and are confident that your customers will be surprised by the excellent performance of your field service crews.

And consider this: taking the DYO approach means a faster business cycle. You’ll deliver the right service at the right time, you’ll make customers happy the first time and every time, and your cash flow and profit margins will improve.

If you want to change field service processes overnight, take the Lego-like DYO approach with FMP360. “Improve on the GO” with Gomocha!



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