• Your mobile workforce at its very best

    FMP360 – an agile, highly-efficient mobile workforce solution that helps you deliver first-time fixes, on time every time.


Exceptionally flexible data structure makes updates or changes simple and quick

FMP360 is delivered as a standardized product, but allows changes before and after implementation to adapt to the evolving needs of your mobile workforce. Once the solution is live, data flows back and forth between mobile devices and your back office. If a back-office system changes or is updated, FMP360 adapts.

Changes can be configured without reinstallation, and updates of the data structures will be handled through the FMP360 communications layer. This flexibility applies everywhere in FMP360; you simply configure screens and datasets and the applications change accordingly. Applications can be used on any blend of Windows, iOS and Android devices. FMP360’s flexibility makes mobility effortless and painless.