• Your mobile workforce at its very best

    FMP360 – an agile, highly-efficient mobile workforce solution that helps you deliver first-time fixes, on time every time.

Future Proof

Our platform architecture allows us to quickly incorporate emerging technologies into our solution as they become available.

  • Wearable devices
    The latest mobile workforce technologies are always part of our FMP360 product roadmap, including wearable devices (e.g., Google Glass), which can help share knowledge and provide remote, hands-free assistance.
  • Augmented reality
    Augmented reality allows additional information to be visible to the field worker so he or she can perform work correctly the first time out. AR can also be an important safety innovation when attempting to service potentially hazardous assets with limited accessibility, such as underground electrical equipment.

  • Indoor navigation
    GPS helps your field workers navigate to the address of the work order, but how can you assist them in finding a specific asset in a large indoor location? Technologies like beacons and RFID make it possible to calculate and identify the position of assets in a building, reducing the time spent searching for the asset that requires maintenance or repair.

  • Suggestive planning
    The best planning combines automatic scheduling, operational insights and flexibility in the field. The field worker can pick an order from the basket of unplanned orders and the scheduler can assist by creating a short list, ensuring Service Level Agreement commitments are met.

  • Internet of Things Communications
    Transform the way you work with IoT’s real-time insight into the current status of the serviced product, by making sensor-measured data available for analysis. IoT communications helps you realize higher uptime and less unscheduled maintenance while extending the economic lifetime of assets, increasing profit margins and boosting customer satisfaction levels.