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    FMP360 – an agile, highly-efficient mobile workforce solution that helps you deliver first-time fixes, on time every time.

Field Service Management Made Easy

Gomocha's FMP360 allows companies to take the competitive lead in their industries, by ensuring that their field service operations have cutting-edge mobile technology at their fingertips. The FMP360 platform powers a fully optimized mobile workforce and allows you to implement the latest technological innovations. 


Exceptionally flexible data structure makes updates or changes simple and quick

FMP360 is delivered as a standardized product, but allows changes before and after implementation to adapt to the evolving needs of your mobile workforce. Once the solution is live, data flows back and forth between mobile devices and your back office. If a back-office system changes or is updated, FMP360 adapts.

Changes can be configured without reinstallation, and updates of the data structures will be handled through the FMP360 communications layer. This flexibility applies everywhere in FMP360; you simply configure screens and datasets and the applications change accordingly. Applications can be used on any blend of Windows, iOS and Android devices. FMP360’s flexibility makes mobility effortless and painless.

Completely Configurable

Dynamically configure new processes and workflows.

Companies have a wide range of procedures, business processes and workflows that continually need updating. With FMP360, there’s no need for custom coding; you can update business processes and workflows dynamically.

With FMP360’s unique Workflow Designer, you create multiple workflows yourself. No experienced software programmer is required. The FMP360 Workflow Designer is uniquely tailored for field mobility, with standard workflow templates available for different application areas: installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and delivery. Other workflows can be created and templates can be fully customized to seamlessly fit into the different work processes executed by your field force. An unlimited number of workflows can easily and quickly be created, changed, and deployed in your test environment, in response to your changing business and work processes.

Back-office Proof

Easily Interface with your ERP

FMP360 has an open interface with ERP systems based on XML and web services, allowing communication with all types of ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and custom-made systems. We help you map the data from your ERP to FMP360.

Responsive to Customer Requests

How can FMP360 offer full functionality, while being a standard software solution? 

For more than two years, we have actively involved our customers in the roadmap of our platform by inviting them to participate in Roadmap Sessions and Function-Block Sessions. Roadmap Sessions give our customers an opportunity to influence the design, development and publication of new functionalities. Through this close cooperation, we are able to deliver the best functionalities, which are then implemented on the standard platform, allowing everyone to make use of all the newly designed options.

Similarly, during Function-Block Sessions, you and FMP360 developers get together to discuss and formalize ideas. Functionalities that are discussed and tested in close cooperation with customers result in new function blocks that do exactly what customers need them to do. You’ve never before had so much influence on what a standard solution should look like.


Our platform architecture allows us to quickly incorporate emerging technologies into our solution as they become available.

The latest mobile workforce technologies are always part of our FMP360 product roadmap, including wearable devices, augmented reality and IoT which can help share knowledge and provide remote, hands-free assistance.


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