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What’s New in FMP360 Release 3.11.0
06 Feb 2019

What’s New in FMP360 Release 3.11.0

06 Feb 2019

As our customers know, FMP360 is constantly improving, and we are pleased to let everyone know about the latest enhancements to FMP360. Release 3.11 was introduced January 25, 2019 and it’s again packed with useful features and functionality. Highlights of the Top 4 new features follow:

FMP360 Release 3.11.0 Highlights

  • Shift Overview Within the App 

Release 3.11 includes a fresh new “Shift” icon (default), as well as the option to upload a company icon or logo instead. The shift icon informs app users that their shift has started and gives an overview of the timesheet for the entire shift. The user can also end his shift without logging out from the app (as long as there is no job in “active” status).

  • More Precise “Work” Search Results

Admin users can search for work based on location (latitude and longitude) and distance (radius), and they can also find “orders nearby” from the order-details screen. By doing so, the precise location of that order will automatically populate the “search” result.

  • Enhanced Skill Logic for Work Orders

Skills can now be applied to items such as activity types, assets, asset types, contracts, contract types, customers, asset features, and asset features types, and the applicable skills required for an order will automatically be applied to the order. Planners can continue to add other skills to the order, as well.

  • Automatic “Time Slice” Variations

The FMP360 App can now handle different “time slices” automatically. Working hours can now be split into “regular time,” “overtime,” and “weekend time.” This new functionality allows different rates to be registered for a job if it starts at 4 pm but doesn’t end until 8 pm, for example (two hours regular time and two hours overtime).

Help Us Help You, So We All Keep Improving!

These and many other enhancements will make your experience with FMP360 even better. Keep us informed of the new features and functionalities that you and your team need to keep on improving! If you want to learn more about this new release, and/or welcome these new features into your organization, please contact us at fmp360@gomocha.com.