Release: FMP360 Release 3.3

Gomocha FMP360 Release 3.3 is here, bringing awesome new functionality!

New and long-time customers alike will appreciate the upgrades and enhancements of FMP360 Release 3.3. The most popular features and functionalities in Release 3.3 fall into four general categories:

  1. Maps. The mobile app will now allow field workers to view their own work on interactive maps. They can also see the corresponding linked assets and receive status updates.
  2. Remote Assistance. Seasoned pros who may not be able to guide field workers in person can now guide them with remote assistance via their mobile devices and an augmented reality view that the field user is seeing. This helps remove the fear of complexity from a field technician’s day.
  3. Recurring Orders. With Release 3.3, FMP360 now allows planners to define the schedule and the duration for which work orders should be generated, alleviating planners from scheduling repetitive work over and over again.
  4. Materials Registration. Field technicians can now see which materials are available to use and which are not. Another enhancement in Release 3.3 is to the materials registration function blocks, which allow organizations to better configure what’s displayed in the overview that field technicians see. 

In addition, dispatchers can now see work order history during call intake and planners can see engineers’ planned routes so their work can more easily be optimized. To learn more about these and all the other cool new features, contact Gomocha at



29 Jun 2017
Release: FMP360 Release 2.3

FMP360 Release 2.3 Gives Mid-Office Module a New Look and Feel

Tensing has upgraded its platform with a bold new look and feel. This completely new mid-office module boasts a sleek, easy-to-navigate user interface to support call-intake and planning activities. Innovative, cutting-edge technology allows the FMP360 portal to deliver touch-based planning, drag-and-drop functionality for tablets and larger screens.

The call-intake module allows planners to create orders on customers or assets, and work orders for engineers can be created and directly linked to the engineer at the desired moment in time. FMP360 users report that they are experiencing increased productivity from using the highly intuitive new FMP360 portal.

In addition to streamlined planning functionality, other highlights of Release 2.3 include the following:

  • Stock level correction, making inventory management more efficient and precise.
  • NFC tag compatibility to ensure that registrations are properly linked to the correct assets.
  • Ortec Service Planning compatibility for advanced scheduling functionality.
  • Two new agenda icons in App: “High Importance” and “Crew Assist” to help prioritize work orders, engender team spirit and ensure satisfactory outcomes.
  • Better order-number generation for more flexibility in formatting orders.
  • Improved asset and customer API features and remote detail adjustment to help field workers become more precise, which increases back-office efficiency.

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13 Oct 2016