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    The New Standard for Mobile Field Workforce Management.

GIS-based Field Mobility Operations

Provide field users with real-time back-office information about assets, work orders and other GIS-based variables. Field users no longer need to duplicate data when they return to their offices, nor do they need constant internet connectivity to view their maps or analyze data. Flexible and highly configurable, FMPmaps allows administrators to control access and grant privileges to information, screens and functionality.

Layers: Take complete control of layers, scale ranges and tiles.

FMPmaps offers complete control over not only the types of layers that are visible (such as web map services, features and tiles), but also lets users set the scale range in which the layers are visible and controls who has access to them. Layers, and the data contained in them, are available both in online and offline formats.

Redlining: Choose how you want to mark up your maps.

FMPmaps gives users with the correct access privileges the ability to mark up and draw updates on a map. Users can control the styling and types of drawing (freehand, shapes, symbols, text) that are placed onto the map. Redline updates are stored in special database tables and require approval by a gatekeeper before they’re applied to the core map data.

Bookmarking: Easily link bookmarks to map views.

FMPmaps enables users to create and manage bookmarks, which are locations at a zoom scale on the map, allowing them to easily return to the same point on the map. Bookmarks can be linked to a map view, as well, which is a configuration of available layers in either the on or off position.