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    Check out our video. Once you see it, you’ll see immediately how Gomocha is changing field services.

Mobile App

Seamlessly integrate your back office ERM, CRM or accounting applications with your field engineers' mobile device using our app for iOS, Windows and Android. Features include access to all client information, opportunities, accounts, service cases, workflow checklists and more. Cut out unnecessary time by working in real time, and allow your business to flourish.

The FMP360 Mobile App

The FMP360 Mobile App is fully configurable and designed for companies with field service teams working in construction, maintenance, transportation, logistics, and utilities.

Field workers can remotely access customer, asset, employee and task-related information with the Gomocha FMP360 Mobile App. They can receive and view work orders, register materials, report time and expense details, access inventory levels, and request, transfer or return parts—in online as well as offline operations.

With workers in the field using the FMP360 App, dispatch and call-center teams in the office can direct the right technician to the jobsite, keep track of precisely where all technicians are, and communicate real-time information to customers—so customers always know estimated arrival times. This level of efficiency translates to increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

The FMP360 Platform and App allow users to customize forms, workflows and processes to adapt to changing business processes. Need to add fields, specify terminology or languages to be used, or grant different access to specific users? It’s all simple with FMP360. 
FMP360 is unique because it can support multiple workflows in one app! The Workflow Designer allows users to create, deploy and change the app rapidly. The app ensures seamless integration with all ERP systems (SAP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Infor, etc.).

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With FMP360 Mobile App, you’ll:

  • Increased technician productivity
  • Higher first-time-fix rates
  • Accelerated invoice processing
  • Greater customer and employee satisfaction

The FMPmaps App

The FMPmaps App is part of a powerful, comprehensive mobile suite that supports business-critical field operations for utilities. By leveraging back-office data investments, the specialized, flexible mobile platform can be easily configured to unique business requirements for GIS-based enterprise mobility. The FMPmaps App provides easy, on-the-go access to information on assets in the field, their geo location, and their work history—from any handheld device. Work orders can be tied to assets and history can be displayed, as well. System-of-record maps can be displayed right on the field worker’s hand-held device, eliminating the need for paper maps or other printed documents.

The FMPmaps App empowers field workers to efficiently perform their tasks independent of the back-office system. Field workers have secure access to all the information they require on their mobile devices. They can send, receive and create work orders; they can also use GIS, asset and service data on an as-needed basis. The solution provides guidance throughout the entire work order fulfilment process and delivers that information to back-office systems.