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    The New Standard for Mobile Field Workforce Management.


The FMP360 Dispatch is the beating heart of your planning department. Using the FMP360 Dispatch, you can see exactly the overall status of your Field Services. You can also use it to create new orders, dispatch orders, etc. Whether you are looking for an asset, a customer or an order, you can use the Dispatch to quickly find out exactly who is doing what and when.

Call Intake: Your agents will always deliver a top-notch customer experience!  

Create simple orders, add new customers or assets, and review the history of both customers and assets. This module can be used to find exactly what you are looking for.

FMP360 Portal Dispatch Call Intake History Screenshot

Planning: Get the right people to the right job every time!

Your planning department can use this module to easily assign manual orders to your Field Services. Use the location of the Field Service employees, their progress, agenda and other information, to determine which Field Service employee would fit the order best. This screen gives you a complete overview of all relevant information.

FMP360 Portal Dispatch Planning Map view

The map can be used to provide insight at a glance, based on real-time information provided by the GPS function of the mobile devices.

Order information

Complete insight into an order! This module gives you all information regarding an order, even before it is being processed in your back office systems:

  • Time and material registration
  • Signature of the customer
  • Additional work required
  • Problem-cause-solution registration
  • Pictures made/attachments

Schedules: Always display the location and availability of your technicians!

You’ll never again make the mistake of dispatching a work order to a technician who’s ill, has a day off or is working a different shift. 
FMP Dispatch gives you an up-to-date view of your complete field service team’s schedule and timetables. You’ll always know who’s available, where they are and which technicians should be assigned to which work order. With FMP Dispatch, you have an easy-to-use tool that helps you make the most efficient use of your field service teams.

FMP360 Portal Dispatch Manage Schedules

Everything is available in real-time and before being processed in your back office system.