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    The New Standard for Mobile Field Workforce Management.


Successful and optimized service delivery is challenging, especially when companies attempt to grow and need to scale their service operation. The FMP360 Scheduler module leverages the most sophisticated technology for scheduling by combining several known algorithmic approaches with many years of experience in optimizing field service organizations.

The moment that companies recognize they need to scale up is the moment they need FMP360 Scheduler.

Planboard: The smart assistant behind your dispatcher!

FMP360 Scheduler is designed to support your dispatch team to make fast decisions, but it’s also designed to optimize your service operations while maintaining complex schedules. Whether it’s short-duration jobs serviced by a single professional, or longer work orders with interdependencies and the need for teams and crews, FMP360 Scheduler handles them all.

Taking into account variables such as location, technician skill sets and expertise, and prioritization of customers, FMP360 Scheduler helps increase your first-time-fix rates and decrease travel distances and time spent completing work orders.

Scenarios: The smart assistant behind a perfect proposal or organizational change!

FMP360 Scheduler isn’t used only by your dispatchers. What if you need to create a proposal and want to know ahead of time what the impact will be on your business? Or what if you want to understand how an organizational change will affect your teams and their roles? This is where FMP360 Scheduler comes into play as your smart assistant. With FMP360 Scenarios, you’ll understand exactly what outcome will result from the decisions you make.

Personal Appointment Service: Always the right time and place

Scheduled a technician at a time when your customer isn’t available? It happens often in field service operations and it’s frustrating for everyone. Those situations are a thing of the past with FMP Scheduler because you schedule appointments only when the customer is available. Whether you want to use it within your customer portal or deliver this capability to your customer care center, with FMP360 Scheduler you’ll never schedule an appointment at the wrong time.