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    The New Standard for Mobile Field Workforce Management.

Business Insights

Pre-built dashboards, pre-built reports and an optional set of configurable performance metrics allow you to measure your key performance indicators (KPIs) and make critical decisions to keep your customers happy and your service revenue flowing. 

Want to zoom in to more detailed geo-based data in real time? We offer advanced geo-based reports to give you a unique view of your data, which is essential for a fully optimized field service organization.

Dashboard: You can’t improve what you don’t measure!

Measure, analyze and improve continuously. That’s what dashboards are for. With a set of pre-configured dashboards per business role, your organization is capable of analyzing and improving the performance of your field service teams.

Reports: It’s not always about dynamics!

With the dynamic dashboards, you truly measure the current status of the organization. But sometimes you want to analyze only static data, to analyze trends within your organization. With pre-configured reports, you get the data you need.

Geo and time-based analytics: The power is in the detail!

FMP360 collects an impressive amount of data. Presenting this data in real time based on a map gives you the detailed information you want to see. How is you your field service organization’s distribution compared with the workload per region? During which season or during which hours do you see a higher average travel time per region? With these advanced analytics, you’re able to optimize in detail.


FMP360 Dasboard