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    The New Standard for Mobile Field Workforce Management.

Powerful Customization

FMP360 is the most flexible Field Service Solution in the market, delivering to your organization the most extensive toolset available to change your mobile processes with speed and agility. With this simple-to-use toolset, you give your IT and field service operations the ability to change their mobile processes within minutes—and without the need to undergo complex change processes. By using an intuitive interface, your technicians will not even notice that the processes have been modified.

The world is changing rapidly, and the pace of change is expected to intensify. Organizations that respond appropriately these changes will grow. But how flexible is your field service management solution to support these changes?

With robust functionality and the ability to expand functionality as your needs grow—without the need for coding—FMP360 is the best mobile solution available in the field service market.

Workflow Designer: Inspection, installation, and preventive or corrective maintenance.

Whatever type of work order you need to support with your field service organization, FMP360 lets you easily create the right process per activity type. Inform your technicians with the right information and let them register whatever is needed during the process. And if you want to change the process based on feedback from your field service team or your customers, it’s just “click and go.”
Because FMP360 is designed to be agile, every six weeks we’ll deliver a new subset of functionality so you can continually optimize the productivity and quality of your field service teams.

Questionnaire Designer: Always the correct digital form!

Want to replace your paper form with a digital form in your mobile app? No problem! But what will happen if you have hundreds of forms? Is your technician capable of finding and using the correct forms? With our unique feature to make forms applicable only for specialized activity types, object types, or during a specialized activity status, your technician is always able to use the correct form associated with his or her type of activity.

Database Designer: Stay unique!

FMP360 allows you to create a mobile app that supports your field service activity types and processes. But every organization’s needs are different, and this differentiation makes your organization unique. That’s why we believe you’ll likely need to add fields and information to your mobile processes that we cannot fully predict. No problem! With FMP360, you can add easily new information or register fields which can be used in your mobile field service processes immediately. Don’t wait until your ERP supplier adds this field in its system. Instead, with FMP360, optimize your field service processes independently—and within minutes.

Translations: Object, Asset, Product?

Every organization has its own unique culture, practices and habits. That’s also true with the language and terminology that are used within an organization, which are often shared across different continents.

FMP360 understands the need to use the same language and terminology within your field service organization. With its translations function, you can easily change labels so the solution will match your organizational terminology—and misunderstandings due to incorrect use of language are a thing of the past.

Administration: Every group has its own app!

With FMP360, you can create as many app configurations as you like. Want to add an extra process or step that’s needed in only one country, in order to comply with legal or regulatory requirements? No problem. Want your subcontractors to follow the same field service processes, but don’t want to send them confidential information that’s used by your own field service teams? No problem.

Experience a problem with an updated configuration? Again, no problem!

With FMP360, you’re in control of who’s using which configuration. And with “version control,” you can easily switch back to an older version.