As January 22, 2016, Bercomex started implementing Gomocha's Field Mobility Platform FMP360, in order to support its worldwide service activities.

Bercomex offers its customers the latest techniques to effectively process cut flowers. They make this possible by offering an effective standard solution or by offering a custom-built, high-tech system. This allows Bercomex customers to meet the high demands of today's market, with constant high quality, more capacity, and fewer required actions.

Ben de Haan, Manager Service & Repair: "Gomocha continuously improves the functionality of her FMP platform. This is the reason we wanted Gomocha to be our partner, to jointly improve the service provided to our customers."

The systems developed and produced by Bercomex are innovative because they always incorporate the latest technologies. A Bercomex system offers you:

  • Constant quality improvement via higher bouquet equality and uniformity
  • Substantial improvement in labor productivity
  • Increased capacity
  • Streamlined production process
  • Optimal operational safety
  • Innovative systems

Bercomex offers multiple standard products, but also develops custom-built solutions that match the specific requirements or situation of a company. As a business partner, Bercomex advises its customers, taking the future into consideration. They make sure that they implement an innovative system that offers the optimal mix of technique and careful treatment of flowers.

Reliable systems and maintenance

In addition to developing machines, Bercomex also takes care of maintenance. After all, customers need to be able to rely on their processing systems. Bercomex ensures the operational reliability that its customers need by providing custom advice, installation, preventive maintenance, and ongoing support in the event of failure. In this way, Bercomex keeps its customers’ machines in top condition, ensuring operational reliability and optimal performance.

Worldwide reliability

Bercomex has a worldwide network of reliable distributors and partners, allowing the company to help customers, regardless of their location.