Scholten Awater began supporting its planning and Field Service employees with the innovative Gomocha Field Mobility Platform (FMP360) as of the first of July 1, 2015. The advanced planning tool and mobile application provide Field Service employees quick and easy access to their planning data and allows them to retrieve information and communicate with colleagues and other technical personnel.  

To prepare for the future, Scholten Awater opted to use FMP360 to increase efficiency, improve speed of communication and offer more flexibility within work processes. The growth in the Field Service organization will be handled flexibly, via a solid core of Scholten Awater employees and a changing group of subcontractors. The platform works with different devices and multiple mobile operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows), making working with subcontractors much easier.

FMP360 implementation is carried out simultaneously with the implementation of a new ERP-system called Unit4 within Scholten Awater. The link with Unit4 will be an important part of the FMP360 implementation.

Jan Willem ter Steege, CEO Scholten Awater: “We are very happy with the Field Mobility Platform of Gomocha. We expect that using this platform allows us to be even more efficient in the future, ensuring we are ready for what's to come."